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Lumia 730 photos emerge and reveal new Lumia firmware in the process

By Kevin Thomas on 08th August 2014

Nokia Lumia 730


We were big fans of the Nokia Lumia 720 when we reviewed it last year and we’re hoping to be just as big fans of its successor, the Nokia Lumia 730. Sadly we haven’t got our hands on one yet, but some photos supposedly showing the handset have made their way online.


As you can see from the images the phone seemingly comes in a green colour, which the 720 didn’t, but other more recent Lumia’s such as the Lumia 930 did. But if you’re not a fan of the colour don’t worry, because Lumia phones normally come in a whole range of shades.


Other than the colour it looks a lot like the Lumia 720, with the same angular design and a colourful plastic back like most Lumia’s. The photos, shared by Windows Phone Central, also reveal one other curious detail- the existence of ‘Debian Red’ firmware.


It’s not clear what features this brings but it’s presumably the next version following Cyan and, as Windows Phone Central points out, that’s probably an internal name rather than the one it will be made available under, as for example Lumia Cyan started life as ‘Cherry Blossom Pink’, so we’re likely to get a simpler one word name ultimately.


The photos don’t give us any new information on the internals of the Lumia 730, other than the unsurprising fact that its camera has a flash, but current rumours suggest that it will have a 4.7 inch display and a 5 megapixel front facing camera, which should make it good for selfies.


So there’s still a lot that we don’t know, but now that there are photos out in the wild we’d expect more information will start showing up soon.



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