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LG announces a new smartwatch and this time it’s round

By Kevin Thomas on 29th August 2014

LG G Watch R

LG recently launched one of the first Android Wear smartwatches and already the company has announced another, but there’s one key difference, as while its first watch the LG G Watch had a rectangular display, the new G Watch R has a circular face.


Given the amount of hype around the Moto 360 that’s clearly an important feature for customers, many of whom understandably want their watch to look like a watch.


But the G Watch R has more than just that going for it. With a 1.3-inch 320 x 320 plastic OLED display it should be able to deliver crisp visuals and LG boasts that it’s easy to see at any angle and even in direct sunlight.


LG G Watch R - Worn On Wrist


That display also fills the whole circle of the watch face, which is worth mentioning because the Moto 360 has a blank area at the bottom which is used to house the display components. Instead LG has presumably put them in the large circular bezel surrounding the screen. It’s debatable whether a larger bezel is a better solution or not but it’s certainly different and should appeal to anyone put off by the not quite circular display on the Moto 360.


LG G Watch R - Photo 2

The G Watch R looks every bit as premium as its rival too, thanks to a stainless steel frame and a leather strap. So it ticks all the right boxes for looks and should have a good screen.


Other than that it’s a fairly standard smartwatch. It has a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, a 410 mAh battery and runs Android Wear. It’s also IP67 certified dust and water resistant and includes a built in heart rate monitor.


It certainly sounds good and we should soon find out whether it lives up to its billing, as the LG G Watch R will be making an appearance at IFA 2014 and will then launch early in the fourth quarter, with prices to be announced nearer to the time.


LG G Watch R - Stylish design


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