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iPhone 6 visualised in Apple store

By Simon Thomas on 13th August 2014

Apple iPhone 6 ConceptClick for hi-res image (~2MB)


We’re getting a pretty good idea of how the iPhone 6 is likely to look, but while it’s one thing to see dummy’s, prototype’s and grainy photos it’s quite another to see the handset in the pristine surrounds of an Apple Store.

 Apple iPhone 6 ConceptClick for hi-res image (~2MB)


Martin Hajek obviously felt strongly about this as he set about to create a 3D render of the device in just such a location. As you can see it looks pretty good and pretty convincing. The iPhone 6 model is likely to be close to how the phone actually looks, as Hajek’s design appears closely based on all the existing information, rather than being a work of fantasy and amid the sparse surrounds of an Apple Store there’s little to distract from it.

 Apple iPhone 6 Deals


Apple iPhone 6 Concept BlackClick for hi-res image (~2MB)


Hajek even went one step further and designed some iBeatsheadphones to go with it which look pretty good themselves, though may be further from reality than the iPhone 6. You can download the full 3D renders of the iPhone 6 for $100 here.


Apple iPhone 6 ConceptClick for hi-res image (~2MB)


If these photos have just got you even more desperate to see the phone for real you might not have long to wait as it’s rumoured that Apple will be announcing the handset on the 9th of September, so you might be able to see it in a real Apple Store in around a month, complete with a new, larger screen, a more powerful processor and a redesigned build with curved edges.


In other words there’s a lot to look forward to. In the meantime stay tuned, because we’ll bring you all the new leaks, information, rumours and updates on Apple’s hotly anticipated handset as they happen.


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