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iPhone 6 may launch as soon as September 9th

By Kevin Thomas on 07th August 2014

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Most of the rumoured iPhone 6 release dates so far point to September, but in general they point to mid or late September. Now though it looks like we might not have to wait quite that long, as according to Re/Code Apple will announce its next flagship at an event on September 9th.


It’s not clear where Re/Code got its information, but the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg both echo it, citing ‘a person familiar with the plans’.


So it sounds somewhat convincing. Of course an announcement on the 9th doesn’t mean that it will launch on the 9th and one of the other dates that we’ve heard, such as September 19th, could end up being when we can actually buy one. All of which roughly lines up with previous iPhone launches, which tended to be announced in early to mid-September and released two or three weeks later.

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The iPhone 6 is rumoured to be arriving in two different size points- 4.7 and 5.5 inches, both of which may well show up at the same time. It’s also thought that it will have a faster, more efficient and powerful A8 processor, a super-slim, curvier redesigned build, an NFC chip and possibly even a sapphire crystal screen, not to mention a fair chance of some surprises, so there’s a lot to look forward to.


September 9th also falls during IFA 2014, so it could certainly steal a lot of attention away from that, however with the event officially starting on September the 5th and Samsung expected to make its big Galaxy Note 4 announcement on September 3rd it’s likely that most of the major announcements will be done and dusted by then. Either way it’s looking like it could be a very exciting week for tech fans.

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