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HTC One M8 gets a new update

By Simon Thomas on 19th August 2014

HTC One M8 Update

It wasn’t so long ago that the HTC One M8 got updated to Android 4.4.3 and build number 2.22.401.4, but already a new update is rolling out to European versions of the handset.


The update brings it up to version 2.22.401.5, so it’s only a tiny number bump and makes no difference to the version of Android being run. On paper the HTC One M8 is ever so slightly behind on Android as version 4.4.4 is available, however the fixes from that version were implemented into the 4.4.3 version which arrived on the HTC One M8.


All this update does, according to Android Central, is improve the GPS performance, as well as providing important enhancements and bug fixes, though it’s not clear what those are and they’re likely to go unnoticed by most users. In the scheme of things it’s a fairly small update, as evidenced by the fact that it comes in at just 44.74MB, but for superior GPS performance and a more bug-free experience it’s well worth downloading.


The update is already available for at least some European HTC One M8 handsets, but it may not yet be available for everyone, as it can sometimes take a while to filter through. As usual you may get an alert when the update is available, but you can also check for it manually by heading into ‘Settings’, ‘About phone’, ‘Software update’ and then tapping ‘Check now’.


This is likely to be the last update the HTC One M8 receives before the rollout of Android L and it almost certainly won’t be getting any more Android updates before then. So enjoy the small improvements this brings and then get ready for a complete overload of changes in a few months.

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