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Apple announces September 9th iPhone 6 event

By Simon Thomas on 29th August 2014

Apple iPhone 6 - Launch Event Invite


It’s official, the iPhone 6 is going to be announced on September 9th, or at least Apple has sent invitations out for an event on that date.


There’s no specific mention of the iPhone 6, in fact all the invite leaves us with is the teasing comment ‘wish we could say more’, but given that previous handsets have been announced in September and almost every rumour points to September it seems pretty much a certainty that we’ll see it then.



Whether the details of the iPhone 6 will come as any sort of surprise is another matter entirely. There’ve been an almost overwhelming number of leaks and rumours surrounding it, so much so that we’ve got a pretty good picture of what to expect, with key features including a new, more rounded design, a larger 4.7-inch screen, a faster and more efficient A8 processor and even a second 5.5-inch phone, believed to be called the iPhone 6L.


Hopefully Apple’s managed to keep some of the specifics up its sleeve, but even if it hasn’t the stuff we’ve heard so far for the most part points to a very impressive handset.

Apple iPhone 6 Deals


And while the iPhone 6 might be light on surprises there’s also talk that the rumoured iWatch will be announced alongside it. This is less of a certainty as information on the device is thin on the ground, so much so that we’re not even 100% sure it exists and previous rumours pointed to a release later in the year, but the suggestion that it will be announced on September 9th comes from Re/code, which as sources go is one of the more reliable ones.


If it does get announced on September 9th then there’ll certainly be some surprises there and it could really shake up the smartwatch market which recently took off thanks to Android Wear.


Little is known about the iWatch, but it’s thought that it will have an abundance of sensors, designed to track health and fitness information. It may also have a flexible display and come in two sizes, but with so little information on it we wouldn’t be surprised if none of that ends up being true.


iWatch or no iWatch September 9th should be a huge day for Apple and the tech world in general, not to mention the perfect way to culminate the busy IFA week, where big announcements from Samsung, Sony and others are also expected.

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