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Aldi smartphone launches at a bargain price

By Simon Thomas on 11th August 2014

Aldi Smartphone

While Aldi is mostly known for its cheap groceries it’s also sold a number of other items over the years, from tents and barbecues, to computers and printers, but so far it’s stayed out of the mobile game.

That is, until now, as the discount supermarket has just launched its first smartphone- the Medion Life E4001. It’s not a name that exactly rolls off the tongue, but at £79.99 it doesn’t have to.

But before you run out to your nearest store to pick one up be aware that it doesn’t look that great, even for the money. It has a 4 inch 480 x 800 display, which leaves it on the small and low resolution side, while just a 1GHz dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM doesn’t leave us very confident that it will perform well.

This definitely isn’t one for camera fans either, as it’s equipped with just a 2 megapixel snapper, while the battery is on the small side at 1300 mAh and indeed it claims to offer just 180 minutes of talk time, which is shockingly low.

There’s a paltry 4GB of built in storage, though admittedly a microSD card slot allows you to expand that, and it runs Android 4.0 which is two generations behind and will be three behind when Android L launches later this year.

So it’s not really all that and you can get the substantially better specced Moto E for similar money and will soon be able to get the equally tempting Lumia 530, likely for a similar price tag. Or spend a bit more and get a Moto G or EE Kestrel.

Still, while we wouldn’t recommend this particular handset Aldi could be one to watch if it brings out any subsequent phones, as the key to the supermarket chains success in other areas is a combination of quality and affordability. It’s got the affordability aspect here, if it can just sort out the quality side next time then it could really be on to something.


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