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5 reasons why the HTC One M8 still rocks

By Simon Thomas on 13th August 2014

HTC One M8 - Gold, Silver and Grey

The HTC One M8 has been out for a good few months now, but it's still one of best smartphones in the world right now. It combines a stylish premium design with excellent software and also delivers some truly unique features. 


We've picked out the five standout features that set it apart from its rivals, which include the formidable Samsung Galaxy S5, the all-conquering Apple iPhone 5S and the feature-packed Sony Xperia Z2


Anyway, enough with the babbling and on with our list of what we think makes the HTC One M8 rather special!


1. It's metal unibody design


HTC One M8 Design


We know you've heard all about the HTC One M8's premium unibody metal design before, but it really is a joy to behold. As soon as you pick up the smartphone you know you've bought a premium product. 


Some argue that the original HTC One was a better looking device, but its successor has a higher quality build with over 90 per cent of the smartphone being made from metal (compared to 70 per cent previously). That does make it a little heavier than some of it's rivals, but the quality of the product far exceeds anything else on the market including Apple's iPhone 5S.


We'd go as far as to say that the HTC One M8 feels like a piece of jewelery as much as it does a smartphone. And HTC are offering the smartphone in 3 great colours making it really hard to choose a favourite.


2. Lack of bloatware


Modern smartphones are increasingly coming pre-loaded with more and more applications added by the manufacturers (with Sony becoming a major culprit). Such applications are often numerous and forced onto the user regardless of whether they want them or not.


But the One M8 suffers from no such fate because only a small number of apps come pre-loaded and the few that are included are all extremely useful. They include the picture manager Gallery complete with Zoe highlights (more on that later), HTC Sense TV (more on that later too) and the fitness application FitBit.


HTC's custom user-interface (HTC Sense 6.0) is also a joy to use and arguably improves on the default Android interface without adding any unnecessary clutter.


3. Zoe Highlights 


Everyone is adding filters to their snaps these days, but Zoe takes thing one step further by automatically turning your photo albums into videos complete with filters, transition effects and soundtracks. A 'Zoe' video is automatically created from any album on the smartphone with the clever software choosing the photos it deems appropriate.

Users then have the option to customise their 'Zoe' by manually picking out pictures for inclusion (or exclusion), choosing start and end clips and even adding a custom soundtrack. A host of different video themes are also available which apply different Instagram-style filters and transition effects to the videos.



After you are happy with your Zoe you can upload it to your favourite social network to share with friends. It's the perfect way to showcase your recently holiday or wedding and never fails to impress friends and relatives.


4. HTC Sense TV


The HTC One M8 doubles as a universal TV remote thanks to it's infrared sensor with users able to add their TV, digital box (such as Sky or Freeview) and even their home cinema system (or receiver). You can easily switch between devices and all the commands you'd expect are present and correct.


It gets even better because it's all backed up by HTC Sense TV, which is comprehensive TV guide based complete with detailed programme information, recommendations and more. Once you've found the show you want to watch all you need to do is press "Watch Now" and the channel will change automatically.


HTC Sense TV


HTC Sense TV also gives users the option to find programmes based on categories and you can can even mark your favourites. But that's not all because you can all interact with social networks to discuss programmes and the app also delivers real-time score updates from sports events!


5. HTC Boomsound


With the HTC One M8 there really isn't any need to purchase a separate Bluetooth or portable speaker because the dual front-facing stereo speakers deliver in spades. The volume pumps out at impressive levels thanks to the One M8's built-in amps and everything is distortion free due to clever bass-to-treble balancing software. 


The end result? Crystal clear audio at volumes you'd never expect from a smartphone.



That's not all: The HTC One M8 also has a Duo Camera with a depth sensor that enables you to adjust the focus of a picture after its been taken. And it also comes with Blinkfeed, which combines social networks updates with breaking news on a single screen.


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