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Top Gear App Now Available On All Major Platforms

By Simon Thomas on 13th August 2012

Back in May we brought you news that the BBC had launched a Top Gear application for Android and Windows smartphones , which made it available on three platforms with Apple's devices also supported..


Now the Top Gear app is available on all major platforms because the BBC have made it available on Blackberry devices ,  Nokia phones, as well as Symbian smartphones.


The Top Gear application enables motoring enthusiasts to keep up to date with all the latest news, reviews and videos from the Top Gear team. The content is updated every 24 hours and includes all the latest columns from Clarkson, May and the Hamster , as well as video content from the shows !


There is even an offline mode which enables you to save content to be read at a later date. This is particularly useful for when you know you have a long train journey ahead and want something to read because you don't need internet access to view the content.


The Top Gear application also comes with social networking features which easily enables you to share content with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via email.


When you consider all of this is available free to people in the UK it becomes a no-brainer for car fans, especially when you learn that the Top Gear TV show isn't returning until next year. The folks at 3G will be downloading the application on all their devices right away !


You can download the Top Gear application on your selected platform by clicking the relevant link below.


To download for iPad, click here

To download for iPhone/iPod Touch, click here

To download for Android, click here

To download for BlackBerry Playbook, click here

To download for BlackBerry, click here

To download for Nokia, click here

To download for Windows Phone, click here

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