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Tesco Launch The UKs First Virtual Store !

By Simon Thomas on 07th August 2012


Tesco have opened the first virtual store in the UK at the North Terminal in Gatwick airport. The purpose of the store is to enable people to order food to be delivered when they return from holiday.


Tesco are probably just using this initial store as a trial to see how the concept goings down with consumers, but coming back from holiday without anything in your fridge is definitely a problem that exists.


Tesco's Virtual Store, which first debuted in Korea, features virtual fridges with item barcodes which users scan on their smartphone using the Tesco application. The items you scan are then added to your shopping basket which is then delivered when you return from holiday.


Tesco are hoping that the 90 minutes consumers have waiting in the departure lounge can be spent doing their shopping at the Virtual Store. 3G can see the service proving very popular just because it makes sense and more importantly it gives people something to do while they wait.


The video posted above gives you a better idea of how Tesco's Virtual Store works and what features it has. Tesco are really trying to use mobile technology in their stores after recently announced they hope to use augmented reality to offer 3D previews of some products in store !

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