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Samsung Launching Black Galaxy SIII ?

By Simon Thomas on 13th August 2012

When a new smartphone launches it's invariably available in both White and Black, but Samsung decided to upset the apple-cart by launching their Galaxy SIII in White and Pebble Blue. However, it now looks like they could be launching a Black version of their flagship smartphone.


Samsung themselves have posted an image on their Facebook page which features a Black version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Whether the picture was posted accidentally or whether it was intentional we don't know, but what we do know is that the colour is incoming !


Many people still favour Black smartphones over other shades and we'd expect many people to choose the new shade over the existing Blue colour, which is more of an acquired taste. Currently. we don't have any official information about the release of the Black Galaxy SIII but we'd expect it to launch pretty soon.


The IFA begins at the end of August in Berlin and it's quite possible that Samsung will unveil the Black version of the Galaxy SIII at the mobile event.  3G will keep you up to date all on the latest news related to Samsung's Galaxy S3 when we hear anymore !

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