Samsung Galaxy SIII Black Appears Again !


Samsung Galaxy SIII

At the start of the week we reported on the existence of a Black version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII thanks to pictures posted on Samsung's own Facebook page. The device has now again surfaced online reaffirming the imminient launch of the new shade of Samsung's flagship smartphone.


The new photos, which can be viewed above and below, appeared on T-Mobile's US site. The photos show the back of the Black version of the Galaxy SIII , which we were led to believe from the previous leak would be White, but now we know it'll be all black.


Samsung still havn't officially unveiled the Black Galaxy SIII,  but that's expected to happen at the Samsung Unpacked Event on August 29th. Rumours suggest that the smartphone will then become available to buy in the UK a month or six weeks from today.



Earlier today we also reported that Samsung are set to unveil Android 4.1 for the Galaxy S3 at the same Unpacked event , which is good news for those who already own Samsung's smartphone and and an incentive to get one for those that don't !


3G will be keeping all of our loyal readers up to date with any news concering the Samsung Galaxy SIII as and when we get it !



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By Simon Thomas on 16th August, 2012

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