Orange Slash iPhone Sim-Only Prices !



SIM-Only deals are becoming more and more popular with people willing to keep their smartphones for longer while they wait for the next technological leap-forward. This is particularly true for iPhone owners who often wait to upgrade to the next iPhone !


Orange have now tried to capitalize on this trend by reducing the price of their iPhone (microSIM) Sim-Only deals.


Orange have taken £5 off selected 12 month SIM-only deals which now means you can get 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of mobile data for just £10.50 a month. Alternatively , those looking for more minutes can opt for the £15,50 a month deal which gets you 600 minutes and the same unlimited texts and 500MB of mobile data.


You can checkout all of Orange's SIM-Only iPhone deals by clicking here !


One thing that users should note is that if your iPhone is locked to another operator you'll have to ring them and get it unlocked which costs £20. 3G really hope that this cost is removed in the future because we feel that after a 24 month contract users have already paid enough to their original operator.

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By Simon Thomas on 21st August, 2012

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