Microsoft Haults App Publishing In Order To Fix A Bug


Windows Marketplace

Microsoft have announced that they've stopped publishing new applications to the Windows Marketplace while they work on fixing a bug affecting the app-store.


Users who have upgraded their smartphone to Windows Phone 7.5 are suffering from a problem which stops them from downloading or updating applications on the Windows Marketplace. Some popular applications are affected by the problem and Microsoft is already working on a fix which they hope to issue soon.


Strangely, only smartphones that have been upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 are affected not those that came pre-loaded with the operating system. This indicates to the folks at 3G that it'll be an easy issue to resolve and must be caused by some remnants left over after the upgrade process.


Microsoft now have over 100.000 applications available on the Windows Marketplace and fortunately only a small number of applications are affected by the problem described above. However, they are still keen to get it fixed and won't want new application publishing to be stalled for long !


As soon as we get more news about the issue we'll let you know !

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By Simon Thomas on 15th August, 2012

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