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Blackberry Music Gateway Video Guide !

By Simon Thomas on 28th August 2012


RIM have released a new video which demonstrates how to use their Blackberry Music Gateway accessory.


Blackberry Music Gateway is a new NFC and Bluetooth accessory which enables users to stream music wirelessly from a Blackberry smartphone , tablet or PC to any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. For example, you could use Blackberry smartphone with your car stereo !


The video above shows how easy and simple it is to connect the Blackberry Music Gateway over either NFC or Bluetooth. Essentially, all you do is pair the Music Gateway accessory with your smartphone .


Users will then be able to play their favourite music from their smartphone , as well as being able to control the playbook from their smartphone. The Blackberry Music Gateway has a maximum range of 30 metres which is more than enough !


3G think's it's a really neat accessory especially for playing back music in the car. The Blackberry Music Gateway is available to buy for just £30, which we think offers great value !

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