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BBC iPlayer Won't Be Coming To Windows Phone Anytime Soon

By Simon Thomas on 21st August 2012

People with Windows Phone smartphones have been waiting patiently for the BBC iPlayer to be supported on their platform. Now in a new interview with Engadget BBC's Daniel Danker, who is head of the on-demand division, has given more details into the current situation.


The interview doesn't make good reading for those hoping to access the BBC iPlayer on their Windows smartphone anytime soon.


Apparently, transferring the iPlayer service to work on the Windows platform isn't time or cost effective at this time because Microsoft's operating system lacks support for HTTP streaming. It also doesn't help that the platform has such a low installed user-base, but if it continues to grow the BBC might change their minds.


In the same interview Danker added that the platform also suffers from a bug which also stops the content from streaming securely. Microsoft are thought to be working on a solution , but until it becomes cost effective for the BBC they won't produce the iPlayer application for the platform.


Things don't get any better because the situation will be the same when the new Windows Phone 8 smartphones hit the market because Microsoft have decided to adopt the same streaming technology on their new platform.


3G will keep you updated of any news related to the launch of the BBC iPlayer application launching on the Windows Phone platform, but it doesn't look like it'll be happening anytime soon.




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