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Adobe Flash No Longer Supported On Smartphones !

By Simon Thomas on 16th August 2012

Adobe first informed the world that they'd be discontinuing Adobe Flash support back in November of last year. Now the day has come when the company have officially removed support for Adobe Flash on mobile devices.


Those who already have Flash installed on their smartphone or tablet can continue to use the software , but those upgrading to Android Jelly Bean (4.1) won't be able to use an officially certified version of Flash. Infact, Adobe have stated that Flash might behave strangely when running on Android 4.1.


Adobe are now concentrating on implementing Adobe Air and HTML5 which are to replace Adobe Flash, The new services are better in almost everyway , but to get those benefits mobile users will have to ensure a crossover period when they won't be able to access a host of content and websites on their devices.


For now 3G advises anyone considering updating to Android Jelly Bean to consider how important Flash applications and websites are to them before they take the plunge.


Apple have famously never included Adobe Flash support on their products due to them claiming that the software is unreliable, has poor performance and is a massive drain on a device's battery. This is probably one of the major reasons that's driven Adobe away from Flash and driven the move to HTML5.


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