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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - What Do We Know So Far ?

By Simon Thomas on 01st August 2012

The original Samsung Galaxy Note (pictured above) was one of the surprise hits of 2011 and its hybrid screen-size has had a long lasting effect on the whole smartphone market with the average smartphone screen-size increasing all the time.


With the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 expected to be unveiled later this year we thought it was a good time to go over what we know about Samsung's device so far.


Even Larger Touch-Screen ?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 looks set to have an even larger touch-screen than the Galaxy Note's 5.3 inch display. The Galaxy Note 2 is expected to have a 5.5 inch display, which is a natural response to the demand for larger screens that is influencing the whole mobile industry.


Android Jelly Bean ?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is expected to ship running on Android Jelly Bean, which is the latest and greatest version of Google's operating system. The Note 2 will therefore come with support for Google Now, an improved version of the Chrome browser, improve widget management and much more.


You can read all about the Android Jelly Bean update by clicking here.


Stunning 12 Mega-pixel camera ?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also thought to have an amazing 12 mega-pixel camera, which will be capable of recording full 1080p video and amazing still pictures. This is a real improvement over the 8 mega-pixel snapper featured on the original Galaxy Note.


When will the Galaxy Note 2 Launch ?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is rumoured to be unveiled on August 15th in the US according to rumours reported by MKNews. If this does prove correct then we can expect the Galaxy Note 2 to be available to buy in September or October.


As soon as 3G hears any fresh information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 you'll be the first to know !

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