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Dell Streak Update to Android 2.1.

By Jeff Baker on 16th August 2010

The Dell Streak was reviewed by 3G back in June this year. At that time our 4 star review concluded " It's just a shame that Dell released the Streak with the old Android 1.6 OS. Once Android 2.2 is available, it will finally be possible to make the most of the Streak's top features".


Dell Streak users everywhere are waiting for the "Over the Air" update to Android 2.2 for the Streak and some websites are reporting that the OTA updates have begun but we don't know anything about this other than Dell have not officially announced it.


However, there seems to be a leaked version of the update ( yes we know how on earth ? ) provided by Modaco but its not official. Its reported to work but we wonder what Dell would think of this, particularly if the Streak is damaged in any way. The file is provided by Modaco.


The manual update can be done as follows :

  • a) Download Android 2.1 from Modaco ( link above )

  • b) Rename it "Update.pkg"

  • c) Copy into a microSD card not a folder

  • d) Power off the Dell

  • e) Hold down Volume Up button and power up the Streak You are in recovery mode. Choose 2nd option in the menu.

  • f) Streak installs Android 2.1 and restarts.  

Sounds easy but unless you are desperate to have Android 2.1 on your Dell Streak we suggest waiting. This is because mobile operators often request "Tweaks" to an update to suit their particular systems and also Dell may invalidate your warranty or something if they find out what ou been up to.

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