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Siri to get Shazam-smarts in iOS 8

By Simon Thomas on 18th April 2014



Shazam was an inspired idea, allowing users to identify music just by launching it and letting it listen to a bit of whatever’s playing. It brought an end to the days of trying to remember some of the lyrics to then put into a search engine and hope for a match.

It’s so useful in fact that it’s one of the more essential smartphone apps around and now Apple may be planning to build it into the very fibre of iOS.

That’s according to The Telegraph, which heard that two anonymous sources claim it will be baked into iOS 8, which in itself is expected to be released during WWDC on the 2nd of June.

The Shazam functionality will apparently be integrated into Siri, allowing users to ask the virtual assistant what song is playing and have Siri listen and then attempt to tell them. If this pans out then it will give Siri a unique ability which neither Google Now nor Microsoft’s impressive new Cortana assistant can currently match.

It would make sense for Apple to do this. Shazam already has a relationship with the Cupertino company, as until now users have been offered the chance to buy whatever song Shazam identifies from iTunes, with Shazam taking a small cut, so this just solidifies the partnership.

With all the buzz around Cortana it’s likely that Apple is doing all it can to improve Siri too and this would be an easy way to do that.

Of course, aside from leaving users with one less essential app on their phone it doesn’t sound like this will really improve Shazam’s functionality in any way, but asking Siri to identify a song is undeniably cooler than tapping a button to do so.

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