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Waterproof LG G Watch with always-on display to touch down in July

By Simon Thomas on 22nd April 2014

LG G Watch


LG have posted a host of new pictures and given more details about their LG G Watch, including revealing that it'll be waterproof, have an always-on display and will come in a choice of either Stealth Black or Champagne Gold.


LG's upcoming smartwatch will be one of the first devices to run on Android Wear, which is a version of Android designed specifically for wearable technology. It puts voice control at the very center of the user-experience, with users able to just say "OK Google" to get stuff done.

LG G Watch Champagne Gold

Notifications are a big part of any smartwatche's appeal and LG have dedided to include a 1.84-inch always-on display in the LG G Watch. That brings users useful information right when they need it and the battery will apparently still last a full day on a single charge.

LG G Watch Waterproof

The smartwatch has a minimal and sleek design and it's also waterproof and dustproof, while at launch it'll be available in a choice of Stealth Black or Champagne Gold.


It's one of the better looking smartwatches, but it still lacks the same draw you get from a designer watch. However, you can't check your texts, check the weather, navigate to work or keep up to date with your social networks and that's where the LG G Watch really comes into its own!


The Unknowns


The big unanswered question is whether the LG G Watch will be able to connect to all Android smartphones, or if it'll be limited to own-branded devices (like Samsung's Galaxy Gear).


The core-specification also remains a mystery and it'll be interesting to see what powers LG's smartwatch and what battery is included to power that always-on display. We don't see a camera in the shots so far, so that could be something that has been omitted.


The other big unknown is Android Wear itself and we're intrigured to see how Google's wearable operating system performs and what features it'll bring to the party.


Price and Release Date

LG G Watch

The LG G Watch will be released in July and is expected to be priced at £180. As soon as 3G get fresh information you'll be the first to know.


Did you know? Motorola are already working on their own Android Wear smartwatch and it's looking like the designer smartwatch we've all been waiting for. Read about the Moto 360 Smartwatch here.


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