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Apple to fix broken iPhone 5 sleep/wake buttons for free

By Kevin Thomas on 29th April 2014

Apple iPhone 5


A number of iPhone 5 users have reported that the sleep/wake buttons on their phones have stopped working. While it’s not clear what the cause is it’s obviously a major problem for those affected, but luckily complaints haven’t been falling on death ears.


Apple has announced that it will fix the problem for free, starting now if you’re in the US or Canada or from the 2nd of May in the UK and other countries.


All you have to do is head on over to a specially set up site and enter your phones serial number. Assuming it’s a ‘qualifying’ handset you’ll then be eligible for free repairs. Apple hasn’t stated what qualifies a handset for repairs, but we’d guess that either every iPhone 5 will qualify or that perhaps the Cupertino giant has localised the fault to a certain batch and any from that batch will qualify.


In any case once you’ve been told that your phone qualifies you can either take it into an Apple Repair Centre or post it off to one, where it will then be fixed free of charge.


However this is a process which takes 4-6 days, so you’ll be phoneless for a while (or you could borrow a phone from an Apple Store in the interim).


You also need to make sure your phone is fully backed up as you need to wipe it before handing it over. Apple also points out that if any other repairs are required these obviously don’t come free and if they’re necessary in order to fix the broken button then you may find yourself charged.


Caveats aside this is good news for anyone hit by the problem. Now you’ve just got to wait another four days for Apple to launch the repair service in the UK.

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