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Apple iWatch set to hit the market later this year

By Simon Thomas on 09th April 2014

Apple iWatch Concept


The Apple iWatch is set to launch in the 3rd quarter of 2014, at least that's according to two separate sources inside Apple's supply chain.


The Chinese news site Economic Daily are reporting that Apple's first smartwatch will hit the market in July, August or September. That could coincide with the launch of the iPhone 6, with new iPhone models historically being unmasked in September.


A separate source, reported by Digitimes, supports the September release and also added that 3 companies have already supplied Apple with the flexible circuit boards that will be used in the iWatch. Apple have apparently ordered enough materials to make 64 million iWatches, which they expect to sell before the end of 2014.


What else do we know about the iWatch?


Apple have managed to keep up their usual levels of secrecy with the iWatch. They havn't even confirmed the device's existence, but fear not because we've still managed to build up a picture of what to expect.


The Apple iWatch is expected to focus upon fitness and health features, which are a major part of the upcoming iOS 8 platform. It's highly likely it'll need to hookup with an iPhone in order to make calls and possibly to connect to the internet.


In terms of design it's been suggested that it'll be available in two different-sized screens, possibly a larger version aimed at males and a more petite version for the ladies. However, it's also been suggest that Apple could launch a more affordable iWatch 5C alongside a flagship iWatch 5S.


Plenty of concept designs have been put together and you can checkout some of the best iWatch concepts here.

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