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Apple and Nike could be working on an iBand

By Simon Thomas on 29th April 2014

Nike FuelBand


There have been plenty of rumours lately that Apple is working on an iWatch, but it’s starting to look like rather than bringing Apple smartsto the world of watches the tech giant is instead going to make a smart band, perhaps along the lines of the Nike FuelBand.


The reason we mention the FuelBand (pictured above) in particular is because sources have told GeekTime that Apple and Nike will be collaborating on a fitness band.


It makes sense. Nike recently announced that it wouldn’t be making any more FuelBands and fired most of the people responsible for it, despite the fact that it was a seemingly successful product in a rapidly growing segment of the market. It seems unlikely that Nike would abandon the idea of fitness bands, but it makes sense that it would cut the cord on FuelBand if it had bigger and better things in the pipeline with Apple.


Nike and Apple also have a good relationship, with Tim Cook even sitting on Nike’s board, so if Apple was going to collaborate with anyone for a fitness band it would likely be Nike.


The specifics of the partnership aren’t known but GeekTime is claiming that Apple will release a smart band later this year and that Nike will play a significant role in shaping it.


GeekTime also claims that the device will be laden with sensors that both monitor the activity of the wearer and also allow it to operate other devices as a gestural controller.


Whether the iBand or whatever it ends up being called is being made instead of or as well as the iWatch remains to be seen, but with it supposedly launching this year all should become clear soon.



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