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Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Assault

By Kevin Thomas on 24th April 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has to withstand an assault upon its touchscreen. How does it fare ?


The Samsung Galaxy S4 goes to full order status this week after being available via pre-order for the last four weeks. A test like the one featured below may help with your decision to take out a warranty for your new S4 or not. So what better time than now to carry out an assault on the Galaxy S4’s Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen display.


Sasmung Galaxy S4 Attack Details

Bring on Russian mobile phone enthusiast Szabolcs Ignacz whose gathering a name for himself with unusual tests and feature reviews. In the video below we see an assault on the Galaxy S4’s screen using knives, keys and coins.


The Galaxy S4 sports a full HD Super AMOLED touchscreen which has a scratch and scuff guard in the form of the latest Gorilla Glass 3 ( GG3 ) - more on GG3 here.  Basically, Corning say that GG3 is 3 times safer than GG2 when it comes to surviving the toll of modern day scratches and scuffs.


The assault undertaken in the video comprises of a number of attacks upon the touchscreen using knives, keys and coins. It survives the test and comes out unscathed. This is pretty impressive and bodes well for when your S4 is carried around in your pocket or handbag with keys and coins etc.



3G see this as a good everyday test and a good result for Samsung but would we recommend taking out a warranty on your new Galaxy S4. Yes for sure. It costs over £600 SIM free and although the risk of scratch and scuffs to the screen are greatly reduced by GG3 your S4 could also be lost, stolen or dropped.

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