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Nokia Unveiling New Asha or Lumia QWERTY Smartphone Tommorow

By Simon Thomas on 23rd April 2013

Nokia are going to unveil a new QWERTY smartphone tomorrow. But is it a Lumia or Asha device ?

Nokia are going to unveil a new smartphone tomorrow which is being referred to as "something new". That's pretty vague, but thankfully an image was posted alongside the announcement hinting that they'll unveil a new QWERTY smartphone.


The image, posted above, clearly shows the function key which is always included in Nokia's QWERTY keyboards. While, the smartphone also looks set to continue Nokia's preference for vibrant colours , which has featured on all of their recent Lumia and Asha mobiles.


This brings up an interesting point because we're not sure whether the new QWERTY smartphone will be in the  Lumia range or the more affordable Asha range. Our instincts tell us that it'll be the latter because if it was a new Lumia smartphone more fuss would have been made.


The Lumia range currently doesn't have a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, so we hope we're wrong. The Nokia Asha 302 and the Asha 303 both have QWERTY keyboards and have proven relatively popular.


Many industry experts are claiming that the QWERTY smartphone is dead. The demand for QWERTY devices is definitely lower than a couple of year ago, mainly because of improvements to on-screen keyboards and the larger screen-sizes of modern smartphones.


However , we think the QWERTY smartphone still has some life left and it'll be interesting to see how the upcoming Blackberry Q10 and Nokia's unannounced mobile fare. We'll bring you all the news about Nokia's new QWERTY smartphone tomorrow !


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