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Nokia To Release Nokia Lumia Tablet and New Lumia Smartphones

By Kevin Thomas on 19th April 2013

There is a big hole within the Nokia product portfolio and that concerns the lack of a Nokia Lumia tablet ( phablet ) but this seems to be being plugged according to a FT news article. The other piece of news is that at least one more Nokia Lumia smartphone will be coming in 2013.


We recently heard that Microsoft was working on adopting its Windows Phone 8 operating system to work on larger screen tablets such as phablets but no more details were available than that, however, this does seem to tie in nicely with what the FT are reporting.


Previously, a leak from a Nokia event in Pakistan showed a photo of a Nokia Tablet and at that time it was rumoured to be Nokia tablet with a 10 inch touch-screen. The photo from the event can be seen above. This clearly shows a tablet displaying the Windows 8 home-screen. If we were pushed, 3G would predict a price of around £450 for the Nokia tablet although this is pure speculation on our part.


There was also news of a lighter and updated successor to the Nokia Lumia 920 which we presume is the aluminium encased Nokia Catwalk but it may not be. The Catwalk has been rumoured for a number of months and if this is the Catwalk, it is reported to launch in Q3 this year, maybe as early as July.


A more surprising announcement via the FT was that Nokia would announce a new Lumia smartphone with a 40 mega-pixel sensor - it was not stated if this would be a Carl Zeiss lens or not but we suspect it would be. If this is a new Nokia Lumia smartphone, and its not the Catwalk, then it is likely to be far more advanced than the Lumia 920 in both specification and build quality. There is no more information at the moment but we will be sending our Nokia contacts a mail to find out more.





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