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iPhone 5S Launch Date and Specification

By Simon Thomas on 23rd April 2013

Previously, we brought you news that the iPhone 5S would be unveiled in June with Apple keen to regain lost ground on Samsung's Galaxy S4. However, it now looks like the successor to the iPhone 5 has been delayed.


Sources inside Apple's supply chain have suggested that the new fingerprint sensor rumoured to be included in the iPhone 5S is the cause of the delay. Apparently, finding a coating for the display that doesn't interfere with the fingerprint sensor is proving more difficult than expected.


Currently, we don't have any further details on when the iPhone 5S will enter mass production or when it'll officially be unveiled . However, if we had to guess we'd say it'll be unveiled at the end of July before landing in stores in August.


The iPhone 5S is thought to be a minor upgrade on the iPhone 5 rather than a revolutionary new design. The all new design will be introduced in the  iPhone 6 which won't land until 2014.


Apple iPhone 5S Specification


Over the last couple of months we've built up a pretty good idea of what to expect from the iPhone 5S from sources inside Apple's supply-chain. The iPhone 5S is expected to include an improved A7 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM , which will give it a nice performance boost.


Those jealous of the Xperia Z's full HD screen will be glad to learn that the next iPhone 5S is rumoured to come with a 4.8 inch display running at a 1920*1080 pixel resolution.  While, it'll include the previously mentioned fingerprint sensor, a 12 mega-pixel camera and will come in a model with 128GB of onboard memory.


Apple's iPhone 5S will also be the device that'll launch iOS 7 , which is sure to include a whole host of new features and improvements.  We expect the rumours to keep rolling-in and you'll be the first to know as soon as we hear any fresh information.


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