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HTC One BoomSound Close Up

By Kevin Thomas on 23rd April 2013

The HTC One is the first smartphone to feature dual speakers on the front of any smartphone. Sounds daft when you think about it that the speakers have traditionally been placed on the rear.  The benefit of having front-facing speakers has never been made clearer than in the video below.



3G reviewed the HTC One last month when our reviewer commented “BoomSound, a new dual-speaker arrangement that offers really great quality audio. Smartphone speakers aren’t known for their sound quality, but those on the One will easily fill a small room with great sound”.


The bottom line with HTC BoomSound is that it plays back sound media at a higher volume with much improved quality. An added bonus is that it also offer better sound recording capabilities regardless of whether you are in noisy or quiet surroundings.


The power that drives BoomSound is Beats Audio technology with its separate amplifier. The HTC One has a self-regulating One monitor that detects how noisy it is around you and will auto-change the amplifiers frequency settings to minimise the noise from your surroundings.


Although the HTC video above is pretty lame there is an excellent HTC demo online here ( hit green + button to start the test ) where you can rate BoomSound and the HTC One’s dual fronting speakers against a standard pair of smartphone speakers.


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