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Galaxy S4 Waterproof Rugged Version Incoming

By Simon Thomas on 24th April 2013

Samsung are reportedly working on a  rugged version of the Galaxy S4 !


The Samsung Galaxy S4 hasn't even begun shipping to customers in the UK, but that hasn't stopped Samsung beginning work on a revised version of their flagship smartphone. Those who've pre-ordered the Galaxy S4 shouldn't be concerned because it'll be a year before the new version arrives.


Samsung's Young Soo Kim claimed that work has already begun on a "rugged" version of the Galaxy S4. He disclosed the information at the Dubai unveiling of the Galaxy S4. Kim is the president of Samsung Gulf, so we have to believe it's true.


Earlier today we reported on the toughness of the Galaxy S4's Gorilla Glass 3 display , which withstood being attacked with knives, keys and coins. However, the smartphone lacks the water-proof and dust-proof certification present on Sony's Xperia Z.


The new version of the Galaxy S4 is thought to be water-proof and will be dust-resistant. We presume it'll still ship with a Gorilla Glass 3 display, which has already proven itself almost indestructible.


We loved the water-proof functionality of the Xperia Z , with the only downside being having to remove the covers of the smartphone's ports to access them. We'd love it become a standard feature on all modern smartphones because it reduces the number of ways we can damage our mobile !


As soon as we get more news about the "tough" version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 we'll let you know.


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