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Acer Liquid E1 Review – Initial Hands On

By Kevin Thomas on 24th April 2013

The Acer Liquid E1 is all plastic, so if you don’t like plastic smartphones then avoid this one. If you are still here then lets look closer into what looks like could be a good mid-range Android smartphone.


The first point of interest is that the Acer Liquid E1 is a dual-SIM smartphone which is a bit unusual and also very useful and could eliminate the need for having two smartphones in many instances. One number for personal use, one for business springs to mind. There are two signal indicators and different colour coded schemes for each SIM e.g. incoming calls and texts.



Acer Liquid E1 Review – First Look See

3G will be conducting a full review in the near future, but for now, we will feedback our first thoughts. The best news is that around £165 will buy the Acer Liquid E1 and that’s for a smartphone that was only unveiled at February’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


All the external parts of the Acer Liquid E1 are made of plastic ( we mentioned this before ) but the corners are rounded offering a pleasing look and feel and the rear of the smartphone is finished with a textured surface which offers improved looks and handling. Then we have the eye-catching red lifting colour highlights on various bits like the power key and a few others.


The Acer Liquid E1 comes with Android Jelly Bean (  4.1.1 ) so its pretty much up to date from an operating system point of view. The display is a 4.5 inch qHD with a 540 x 960 pixel resolution and the main camera is a 5-megapixel autofocus camera with a standard LED flash.


The power for the Acer Liquid E1 comes via its 1GHz dual-core processor supported with 1GB of Random Access memory and 4GB of on-board memory which can be added to via a microSD card found underneath the textured back cover. Unlike the HTC One with its useful front-facing speakers, the circular speakers for the Acer Liquid E1 can be found on the topside and bottom side of the smartphone.


Our initial look see tells us that this is simply an OK mid-range smartphone which is lifted by the fact that it is one of few dual-SIM smartphones out there.


3G will be carrying out its full Acer Liquid E1 Review in the near future so come back soon to see our in-depth analysis.


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