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Nokia Explain How They Are Using NFC In Their Mobiles

By Simon Thomas on 13th April 2012

Nokia have released a video showing how they are integrating and using Near-Field Communication (NFC) into their smartphones.


The video was filmed , in part, at the recent WIMA NFC event which took place in Monaco this week.


At the event Nokia unveiled the new Nokia Lumia 610 NFC  which will be the first Windows smartphone to support the technology. The Lumia 610 NFC will launch on Orange in the UK later this year.


However, as well as unveiling the new NFC smartphone they also released this video to document exactly how NFC  is being used in their mobiles. The potential uses of NFC are endless and just a few of the current uses are covered in the video.


The video shows NFC being used to check-in to Foursquare simply by tapping your smartphone. Another use documented is gaming , where you can use NFC to play multiplayer games by simply touching the smartphones together !


NFC can also be used to redeem vouchers from posters and leaflets which is easy for consumers and enables companies to easily track the performance of their campaigns. Michelin also announced that all Michelin star restaurants will have an NFC tag on their front enabling you to find more about the restaurant before you enter !


The uses of NFC are endless and many more are documented in the video above, which we recommend you watch. One use which isn't mentioned is the ability to pay for items using your smartphone, which is probably too obvious to be mentioned.

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