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Nokia Maps Suite Now Available For Symbian Belle

By Simon Thomas on 05th April 2012

The Nokia Maps Suite is now available to download for Symbian Belle smartphones.


The package, which was previously in beta only, brings the latest versions of Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Transports to Symbian smartphones.


Improvements to Nokia Maps include the ability to long-press on your maps to show drive, walk and public transport routes. Additionally, you can turn on "Photos", which adds your photos onto the maps based on their geolocation information.


The latest version of Nokia Maps also includes the "Places" widgets , which enable you to view what points of interest are close to your location, even directly from your home-screen.


Nokia Drive has also been improved and now features a larger map which is easier to view. The route planner has also been re-added to the application due to popular demand, while Voice Search is also now available in Nokia Drive.


The Public Transport application is available for Symbian Belle smartphones for the first time.


Nokia Public Transport enables you to travel door-to-door from your location using only public transport and walking. The application will tell you exactly what bus/train to take and at what time you need to be at each place. Currently, Nokia Transport supports over 420 major cities worldwide !


You can download the Nokia Maps Suite for Symbian Belle smartphones from the Nokia Store right now.

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