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iPhone 5 In October With iPad 2 Processor and Improved Camera ?

By Simon Thomas on 20th April 2011

The latest online rumours are suggesting that the Apple iPhone 5 will be launching in October.


The information comes from Ming-Chi Kuo who is an analyst with Concord Securities. The man has a history of predicting information where Apple is concerned having had success with the iPad 2 in the past.


According to Kuo the iPhone 5 will only have "slight modifications", rather than the sweeping changes many people are expecting. Amongst those changes is a new 8 mega-pixel rear facing camera which is improved from the 5 mega-pixel offering on the iPhone 4 (pictured above).


Additionally, the iPhone 5 will feature the A5 processor found in the iPad 2 which will improve the speed of the iPhone a great deal. Another improvement is that they will be switching to a Qualcomm basedband for GSM AND CDMA and implementing a new antenna design to fix the problems identified after the launch of the iPhone 4.


Ming-Chi Kuo is expecting the iPhone 5 to be announced at the Apple Developer Conference in June, but we heard information before that suggested it wouldn't. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.


Once any more news surfaces about the iPhone 5 you'll hear about if first at 3G.



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