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Nokia E72 Gets New Firmware

By Simon Thomas on 26th April 2010


New firmware is available for the Nokia E72 which provides a number of improvements.


The latest firmware version (31.023) improves internet browsing by fixing a bug that used to cause problems with Silverlight content, as well as adding Flash 3.1 Lite support.


The firmware update also adds to the current pre-loaded applications by adding Nokia Ovi Sync, which can automatically sync your phone. Other new additions include Advanced Communication Manager, which adds additional call functions such as blacklist and the ability to customize ringtones and responses for each number.


Another significant addition is internet radio, which enables you to listen to all the internet radio stations on your mobile. Finally, it also updates Ovi Maps to the latest version.


The update is currently only available by connection your mobile to your PC , although an over-the-air update in the future hasn’t been ruled out.

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