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3G Training Courses



The following is a selection of 3G Training Providers. Please visit 3G Directories and 3G Search for more.

3G Course Details

CDMA Online: In-House Seminars

CDMA IS-95 Implementation & Operational Issues

CDMA Call Processing:
5 Minutes in the life of a CDMA Handset

CDMA Optimization:
Tradeoffs, Thresholds and Parametrics

CDMA Network Performance Evaluation:
Practical tips on how to tweak and optimize the performance of a CDMA network

CDMA2000 Implementation and Operational Issues:
Understanding CDMA2000

WCDMA for UMTS: A guided Tour of the Physical Layer

CDMA 3G Seminars

For the past eight years, Space 2000 has focused on development and delivery of courses and seminars promoting the application of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) to PCS, Advanced Wireless Communications, and Information Management. The development of these basic technology seminars has been followed by the development of more operationally oriented seminars to address Network Optimization and migration to Third Generation (3G) systems and services.

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IIR Training is a specialist Telecoms & IT training solution provider

Helpdesk & Support
Internet / Intranet / IP
IT Management
Telecoms Billing
Telecoms Foundation
Telecoms Mobile

IIR Training is a specialist Telecoms & IT training solution provider


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Imagicom 3G UMTS & WCDMA Courses

*UMTS Appreciation
*UMTS Overview
*2G to 3G Evolution
*WCDMA Radio Interface
*WCDMA The Complete Technology
*UTRAN and Core Network Overview
*Introduction to 3G Radio Planning
*GPRS Overview

Imagicom's 3G Training Services Site

WCDMA and 3G Training and Consultancy Services, including 3G Glossary of Terms and Industry Links

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Nokia 3G Training Services

Our next generation portfolio is built with your needs inmind. Our 3G training services include:
• 3G Competence Development Consultancy
• Evolutionary Learning and Assessment
• 3G focused Task-Based Learning
• Technical Product Based Learning on WCDMA BTS, RNC and Core Networks
• Internet Based Learning

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Nokia Operator Competence
Development Services

Building Competence for 3G Together

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Telecoms AcademyTraining

Courses cover technologies topics including GPRS, UMTS, W-CDMA, 3G Radio, GSM, UTRAN, Bluetooth, Optical networking amongst others.

Tailored Telecoms Training covering technologies including GPRS, UMTS, W-CDMA, 3G Radio, GSM, UTRAN, Bluetooth, Optical networking amongst others


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Training City

Module One: Introduction to Wireless Technology

Module Two: Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) Basics

Module Three Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Basics

Module Four GSM Basics

Module Five Emerging 3G Technologies

Module Six Wireless Data Communications

Module One: Introduction to Wireless Technology

Fundamentals of Emerging Wireless technologies for Managers & Technical professionals

The evolution of 2G wireless networks to new “3G” standards and technologies is well underway. Emerging 3G wireless standards are in constant flux. This course offers managers and technical professionals a clear and concise detailed overview of emerging CDMA and TDMA technologies. The future of 3G networks incorporates global roaming, high-speed Internet access, and even video conferencing all from a handheld device.

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UMTS: Web based training

UMTS Fundamentals

UMTS Air Interface

UMTS Signaling & Protocols: Architecture

UMTS Signaling & Protocols: Procedures

UMTS Congress 2001 - Web Based Training

Each course takes about 3 to 4 hours to work through, but your are free to work for as long or short time as you wish, and re-visit the course as many times as you want within 12 months of signing up. To sign up, simply tick the Web based training option on the booking form, specifying which modules you wish to study

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Wray Castle UMTS Courses

UMTS Fundamentals
UMTS System Overview
UMTS Air Interface
UTRAN Architecture and Protocols
UMTS Core Network
Cell Planning for UMTS Networks

Wray Castle - Welcome to the UK's leading independent provider of telecoms training

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Ericsson WCDMA/ UMTS Platform Overview - Free Training

State the purpose of the Cello and Jambala platforms.
List the main functions of the Cello and Jambala platforms.
Describe the architecture of the Cello and Jambala platforms.
List the main functions and describe the architecture of Jambala´s operating system TelORB.

Free On Line Training Course

This course provides the students with an overview of the Cello and Jambala platforms

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