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Skyfire 3.1.0 for iPhone

Skyfire 3.1.0 for iPhone

31st March, 2011

iPhone 3.1 delivers a better Skyfire user experience.

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Apple Claims Browser Tests Were Flawed

21st March, 2011

Apple hadn't applied its new performance upgrades to its web apps

Google Search App

Google Search App For iPhone Updated

16th March, 2011

The new app is an updated and renamed version of the Google Mobile App

Tesco Mobile

Tesco Blocking iPhone WiFi Hotspot !

15th March, 2011

Been disabled by Tesco Mobile because their network isn't ready for

Instant Previews

Instant Previews Now Available On Mobile

9th March, 2011

enables you to view a snapshot of a webpage when you search in Google.

Skyfire 3.0

Skyfire 3.0 Now Available For iPhone

3rd March, 2011

Version 3.0 of the Skyfire browser improved the experience further

iPlayer apps for iPad and Android Available

iPlayer apps for iPad and Android Available

11th February, 2011

iPlayer apps ready to download.

Priority Inbox

Gmail Priority Inbox Now Available For iPhone and iPad

9th February, 2011

Seperates important emails from the rest !

iPhone Google Shopper App Available

iPhone Google Shopper App Available

2nd February, 2011

iPhone users get Google Shopper at last.

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Apple Gives Away $10,000 To Mark 10 Billionth App Store Download

24th January, 2011

Over 7 billion downloads have taken place in the last year alone.

Vimeo iPhone app has landed

Vimeo iPhone app has landed

30th March, 2011

Official Vimeo iPhone app is now available

Popcode Augmented Reality Application

Popcode Augmented Reality Application

21st March, 2011

Popcode and is the latest Augmented Reality app.

Qik Video Chat

Qik Video Calling Now Available For iPhone

16th March, 2011

The Video Connect service enables you to make live video calls on


FourSquare 3.0 Released On iPhone

10th March, 2011

The latest version of the application adds an Explore tab

Twitter Update for iPhone & iPad

Twitter Update for iPhone & iPad

7th March, 2011

Twitter for the iPhone and iPad has been updated.

Photo Booth

Photo Booth Coming To iOS Devices ?

24th February, 2011

Photo Booth is a graphic editing application

Google Translate

Google Translate App Now Available For iPhone

9th February, 2011

The application has all the features of the web-version

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer For iPad Launching This Week

9th February, 2011

Browse and watch videos from the BBC on the iPad.

Microsoft Onenote

Microsoft OneNote Now Available On iPhone

25th January, 2011

Enables you to store notes that you can then view whenever you need

BT WiFi iPad

BT Launch WiFi App For iPad

20th January, 2011

Enables customers to access its Wi-Fi hotspots.

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