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Acer beTouch E130 Review

Acer beTouch E130 Review

18th November, 2010

The Acer beTouch E130 is really a bit of a jack of all trades.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

10th November, 2010

The tablet is powerful and has a fantastic range of features

Samsung Solid Extreme Review by

Samsung Solid Extreme Review by

29th October, 2010

A phone that will stand up to a tough work environment.

Samsung Galaxy Europa

Samsung Galaxy Europa Review

27th October, 2010

We love the style and usability of this device, but it's no ordinary


HTC HD7 Review

20th October, 2010

The HTC HD7 provides the perfect platform for the hugely improved

LG GT505

LG GT505 review

28th September, 2010

The GT505 offers an affordable and very usable solution

ZTE Racer

ZTE Racer review

22nd September, 2010

The Racer is a decent enough handset, but there are other phones on

BlackBerry Torch 9800

BlackBerry Torch 9800 review

16th September, 2010

This powerful BlackBerry has an impressive set of features and social

Vodafone 541 Review by

Vodafone 541 Review

11th September, 2010

The 541 is a small, rounded handset that fits comfortably in the hand

Vodafone 845

Vodafone 845 review

7th September, 2010

You won’t find many phones at this price with such a decent set of

Sony Ericsson Cedar Review

Sony Ericsson Cedar Review

17th November, 2010

A lightweight, easy-to-use handset with basic functions, at an

LG Viewty GT

LG Viewty GT Review

1st November, 2010

If you want a touchscreen handset but your wallet and your pocket are

HTC Mozart

HTC Mozart Review

28th October, 2010

The Windows phone has come of age - with Windows Phone 7

Acer Stream Review by

Acer Stream Review

27th October, 2010

We love the style and usability of this device, but it's no ordinary

Nokia N8

Nokia N8 review

5th October, 2010

The Nokia N8 offers a hugely improved operating system as well as a

Sony Ericsson Spiro

Sony Ericsson Spiro review by

23rd September, 2010

Anyone looking for a basic phone for calling, texting and listening

Virgin Media VM202

Virgin Media VM202 review by

22nd September, 2010

This basic handset offers enough extras to make it stand out from the

Sagem Puma Phone

Sagem Puma Phone review

15th September, 2010

Despites its high price tag, the Sagem Puma has very few features

Palm Pixi Plus

Palm Pixi Plus Review by

9th September, 2010

The Pixi Plus compares well with the iPhone when it comes to

LG Town C300

LG Town C300 review

2nd September, 2010

For anyone wanting to save money on a fancy handset LG is on to a

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