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Apple iPhone 5S Apple iPhone 5C Samsung Galaxy S5 HTC One M8 HTC One Mini 2 Sony Xperia Z2 

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BlackBerry Torch 9800

BlackBerry Torch 9800 review

16th September, 2010

This powerful BlackBerry has an impressive set of features and social

Vodafone 541 Review by

Vodafone 541 Review

11th September, 2010

The 541 is a small, rounded handset that fits comfortably in the hand

Vodafone 845

Vodafone 845 review

7th September, 2010

You won’t find many phones at this price with such a decent set of

Nokia E5

Nokia E5 review

30th August, 2010

This entry level smartphone scores with its numerous features

BlackBerry Curve 3G

BlackBerry Curve 3G Review

18th August, 2010

Verdict: The Curve 3G is a superb messaging phone, but even the

Nokia C6

Nokia C6 Review

11th August, 2010

A good looking smartphone for a low price that’s packed with

Acer NeoTouch P400 Review

Acer NeoTouch P400 Review

9th August, 2010

The P400 looks good and internet browsing is fast and good quality.

Motorola Flipout

Motorola FlipOut Review

5th August, 2010

The FlipOut is a pretty good Android device, but all that social

sWaP Active Watch Phone

sWaP Active Watch Phone Review by

30th July, 2010

We’re not sure the watch phone idea works, and the fiddly interface

Modu Phone

Modu Phone review by

28th July, 2010

Innovative and exciting, but it doesn’t work as well as we had hoped.

Sagem Puma Phone

Sagem Puma Phone review

15th September, 2010

Despites its high price tag, the Sagem Puma has very few features

Palm Pixi Plus

Palm Pixi Plus Review by

9th September, 2010

The Pixi Plus compares well with the iPhone when it comes to

LG Town C300

LG Town C300 review

2nd September, 2010

For anyone wanting to save money on a fancy handset LG is on to a

Acer Liquid E

Acer Liquid E review by

20th August, 2010

Wonderful web browser, user-friendly interface and voice navigation

Sony Ericsson Zylo

Sony Ericsson Zylo Review by

13th August, 2010

Verdict: This good little music phone is a welcome return to roots

Palm Pre Plus

Palm Pre Plus Review by

10th August, 2010

The Palm Pre Plus is a good phone, but doesn’t really have a place

Motorola Milestone XT720 Review

Motorola Milestone XT720 Review

8th August, 2010

The Motorola Milestone XT720 is great in theory, ticking all the boxes.

Virgin Media VM800

Virgin Media VM800 Review by

4th August, 2010

This pink social networking phone is priced well with competitive

Doro PhoneEasy 332gsm

Doro PhoneEasy 332gsm Review by

29th July, 2010

The stylish, back-to basics handset will appeal to plenty of people

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro Review by

23rd July, 2010

A great all-rounder with a compact size that should appeal to many.

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