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LG P700 and P880

LG To Unveil Two New Android 4.0 Smartphones At MWC ?

8th February, 2012

LG are going to unveil two new Ice Cream Sandwich smartphones at MWC.


Open WebOS 1.0 Launching In September

8th February, 2012

HP Open WebOS 1.0 will be available to download in September.

LG Miracle

LG Miracle Windows Smartphone With NFC Incoming ?

8th February, 2012

The LG Miracle is a Windows phone with a NOVA touch-screen and NFC

Google Chrome for Android

Google Release Chrome For Android !

8th February, 2012

Google has released Chrome for Android in a beta version !

Blackberry Bold 9790

Blackberry Bold 9790 Hot Deals On Three

8th February, 2012

The Blackberry Bold 9790 is now available on Three.

Google Docs

Google Docs Gets Updated On Android

7th February, 2012

Google Docs has been updated to include support for offline files and

Vimeo Windows Phone

Vimeo App Now Available On Windows Phone

7th February, 2012

Vimeo have launched a version of their app for the Windows Platform.


Facebook Bringing Adverts To Mobiles

7th February, 2012

Facebook are going to bring adverts to the mobile version of Facebook

Samsung Galaxy SII

Samsung Galaxy SIII World's Slimmest Smartphone ?

7th February, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is rumoured to be the thinnest smartphone in

Nokia Lumia 800 White

White Nokia Lumia 800 Coming This Month !

6th February, 2012

Nokia have confirmed that a White version of the Lumia 800 is

Helo TC

Control The Helo TC Helicopter With Your Smartphone !

8th February, 2012

Fly the Helo TC Helicopter using your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Samsung Tocco Lite

Samsung Tocco Lite 2 Launching In March ?

8th February, 2012

The Samsung Tocco Lite is expected to launch in March !

Symbian Belle

Symbian Belle Update Now Available

8th February, 2012

Symbian Belle is now available to download on supported mobiles.

Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia Lumia 710 Hits The Three Store

8th February, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 710 is now available to buy from Three.

Toshiba AT200

Toshiba AT200 - World's Thinnest 10.1 Inch Tablet Now Available !

7th February, 2012

The Toshiba AT200 is coming to the UK on February 15th.

2011 Smartphone Sales

Smartphones Sell More Than Whole PC Market

7th February, 2012

Smartphones outsold the whole PC market in 2011 for the first time !

HTC Ville

HTC Ville Video Leaked Online !

7th February, 2012

A new video has leaked showcasing the HTC Ville, which is an Ice

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 910 Not Launching Afterall

7th February, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 910 won't be launching afterall ?

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note S To Be Unveiled At MWC ?

6th February, 2012

Are Samsung going to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note S at MWC ?

HTC Logo

HTC Issue Fix For Critical WiFi Security Flaw !

6th February, 2012

HTC have issues a fix for their smartphones which corrects a WiFi

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