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Mobile Broadband Deals - Dongle & MiFi deals on Three

Mobile Broadband lets you get online quickly and easily on the move using a 3G or 4G dongle or MiFi device. Browse the best 3 mobile broadband deals below!

Mobile Broadband on Three

Dongles - Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go

Get online with one of our 3G or 4G dongles. Perfect for use with your laptop or computer from just £8 a month.

Dongle Deal 1 4G Dongle Deal 1
Pay As You Go Dongle Deal 1 4G Pay As You Go Dongle Deal

MiFi Plans - Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go

MiFi dongles enable you to share a single 3G or 4G connection with multiple devices simultaneously over a personal WiFi hotspot.

MiFi Deal 1 4G MiFi Deal
MiFi Pay As You Go Deal 1 4G MiFI Pay As You Go Deal 2

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Data Only SIM Deals

Why Choose Three?

Feel At Home - Use your mobile broadband abroad at no extra cost

Use your data allowance free abroad in 18 countries at no extra cost on all pay monthly and Pay As You Go plans. 

4G at no extra cost

Those with a 4G-Ready mobile broadband device can enjoy 4G at no extra cost. When not in a 4G coverage are you'll still be able to surf the web on our 3G network. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Broadband?

Put simply, mobile broadband is a way to access the internet wherever you are. Mobile broadband uses mobile networks (3G or 4G networks) to send data over the air - enabling you to browse anywhere you have a mobile signal.

The days of fixed line broadband connections could be finished thanks to the advent of mobile broadband.  Never again do you have to plugin to the wall to connect to access your favourite social network. All you need to do is enable data on your mobile device, plugin your mobile broadband dongle or connect to your MiFi (Mobile WiFi) network.

Three currently offer mobile broadband which utilise 3G and 4G mobile networks , which can send a huge amount of data over-the-air and enables you to stream video, download files and browse the internet at superfast speeds.

What are the advantages Of Mobile Broadband?

  • Access the internet anywhere - Mobile broadband works anywhere you have a mobile signal giving you ultimate flexibility. Whereas, a fixed broadband connection only works as far as your WiFi connection will reach - and that's not very far !
  • No need for a landline - One of the major downsides of fixed broadband connection is you a need to have a landline phone. Many people no longer require a landline - especially students - and the good news is that you don't need a landline phone to enjoy mobile broadband.
  • Great Value - Mobile broadband connections offer great value with Three plans starting from just £7.87 a month. The fact that you don't need a landline keeps the cost significantly lower than fixed broadband connections. 

What are 3G & 4G Dongles?

In order to connect to your laptop or desktop PC to mobile broadband over 3G or 4G you need a mobile broadband dongle. Mobile broadband dongles, or Internet dongles as they are sometimes known, are small and discreet and plugin to your USB ports - while, most install all the required software automatically.

What is MiFi (Mobile WiFi)?

Some devices only support WiFi which means you can't connect to mobile broadband. However, the operators have come up with a clever solution called MiFi. Essentially, you get a dongle with creates a personal WiFi network using your mobile broadband connection. And the other benefit of MiFi is that a single 3G or 4G connection can be shared with multiple devices at the same time. We offer MiFi deals on both pay monthly contracts, as well as a pay as you go MiFi for even more flexibility.

What is the difference between 3G and 4G Mobile Broadband?

3G mobile broadband , which stands for the third generation of mobile technology. offers speeds up to 100 Mbps and maximum uploads speeds of 5mbps - which enables users to stream videos, browse the web and video call on the move. Three's Ultrafast 3G network offers double the speeds of standard 3G - improving things even further. 

4G mobile broadband will be up to 5 times faster than standard 3G enabling you to do things you couldn't do before - such as streaming HD videos. You'll also be able to upload your photos to Facebook more quickly and play online games more smoothly. And the best news of all is we offer 4G at no extra cost. We currently have a range of 4G dongles and 4G Ready MiFi devices available from just £7.87 a month.

Do you offer unlimited mobile broadband?

Unlimited mobile broadband on Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go isn't currently available on Three, or any other operator in the UK. However, you can get MiFi and Mobile Broadband plans with 20GB of data allowance per month which will give you:

  • Send 15000 Emails
  • Browse the internet for 150 hours
  • Download 75 4 minute videos
  • Download 480 4 minute songs

And should you find you do need more data you can always get a 2nd mobile broadband device at a significant discount as an exisiting customer by calling our sales team on 0800 358 9048,

# sales team/customer service: 0800 358 9048

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